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Please, let me know if you want a link to your page here, and if there is any broken links!

A.H.P. Homepage - Page in Portuguese. A lot of Backgrounds and other stuff for MUGEN. They maintain a great Discussion Board, in Portuguese.

Dr. M´s MUGEN page - This is the MUGEN page of my friend, Dr. M. His characters are Ranma (as me), Happosai and Mario, and there are some stages, too... The page is in Spanish.

Elecbyte - The MUGEN creators!

TESTP - The first game with the MUGEN engine was made by them - the UNITED. You´ll find Guile (Street Fighter 2), Shinobu (Asuka 120%), Xian Hou Dun (Sango Fighter 2) and Blue Mary (The King of Fighters). And you must visit the TESTP Message Board!

Matheus´ Mugen Action - Creator of Spiderman.

MUGEN Brazil Homepage - A great MUGEN homepage, in Portuguese.

MUGEN Easy - Carnificina´s page. In Portuguese. Li Xing Fei (The King of Fighters 99) can be found there.

MUGEN 11 - Great page in Portuguese.

mugen4ever - One of the best sites for MUGEN. They have links for a lot of characters, and a long WIP list. One of the Webmasters, Destino, has made a Goku for MUGEN.

M.U.G.E.N. Japan - A great page of M.U.G.E.N. in japanese, featuring a tutorial, Wolverine and a new version of Elecbyte´s Kung Fu Man! -new-

MUGEN he no sasoi (invitation to MUGEN) - Page in Japanese. Features Shikyo (Last Blade). -new-

Neo Mugen - Mattasaur´s page. You can find here Screenpacks, Screenshots, and other MUGEN stuff. -new url-

sés´s page - This is M.C.M. creator´s page! Spanish or English.

Zero´s Homepage - Page in portuguese. There are a lot of characters links. Zero is working on Yusuke (Yu Yu Hakusho 2).