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Hi, there! Iīm Moyashi, from Brazil, and youīll find here the stuff I made for M.U.G.E.N., an incredible 2D fighting game engine.

16/Jun/2000 - Vacations not over!

    All my m.u.g.e.n. works are paused, and I donīt know when Iīll take them back. Iīve quit some of my characters, like Sonic and Majin Vegeta, but other I wonīt quit ever, like Koffing.

18/Fev/2000 - m.u.g.e.n.f.a.q.!!! (Portuguese only)

    Iīve uploaded the page M.U.G.E.N.F.A.Q., but itīs only in Portuguese. This can be a very useful F.A.Q. for M.U.G.E.N. creators!

Feb/16/2000 - GET UP! in Portuguese!

    GET UP! finally has a portuguese version! Also, the WIP page has been updated.

Feb/07/2000 - WIP page updated!

    No characters updates. But the works on Juri have started!

Feb/03/2000 - MAJIN VEGETA!!!

    Finally, the first beta version of Majin Vegeta is up!!! The boring work (sprite ripping, collision boxes, etc) took me a lot of time, but now he is getting stronger very fast! Download him here (195 KB), or go to the Downloads page! And the Work In Progress page is up.

Jan/24/2000 - GET UP! 2000 and small update of Ranma

    Hello! GET UP! is now with a new look (but not much different). I updated also Ranma Saotome. The playability didnīt change at all, but I added the "Explod" control. And expect for a release of Evil Vegeta soon!!!

Jan/1/2000 - Happy new year!!!

    Added new links!

Dez/11/1999 - Ranma Saotome v0.9

    Not much different from the previous update. Because I started the works on Sonic, I donīt think Iīll change Ranma often for some time, so I did this small update. Now he can dodge, and itīs easier to do Air Combos.

Nov/19/1999 - Saotome Ranma v0.6 and Koffing v0.02

    More than a week without updates, but new versions of my two characters today! Ranma now has a throw attack and can make air combos. Koffingīs tackle was modified, and some of the bugs were fixed (hopefully).

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since Oct/26/1999